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The contents of the website <Frostlegal.com> (the “Website”) and all related white papers have been prepared for general informational purposes only.   


No Promise of Results
It is impossible to guarantee legal results in any proceeding.  Any promise of obtaining specific results should be looked at with deep suspicion, whether through express promise or implication by stating previously obtained.   Accordingly, nothing in this Website or any other communication from Jonathan Frost should be understood to guarantee a result.


No Misleading Content
It is a violation of an attorney’s oath to provide false or misleading client in an advertisement.  Therefore, no information has been provided in the Website, social media, print communications, or other communications, which is either false or misleading.  If the reader believes that any material has been provided which is either false or misleading, I would urge you to bring the matter to my attention immediately at info@frostlegal.com.


No Warranty
The Website is provided “as is”, and we provide no assurance of its continued operability now or in the future.  The portions of the website which discuss legal developments or the state of the law are provided for informational purposes only; these descriptions of the law may not reflect the current legal developments or the current state of the law.  Moreover, laws are subject to a variety of different interpretations in different jurisdictions.  As such, the information should not be relied upon without seeking licensed legal counsel in the reader’s jurisdiction.


No Attorney-Client Relationship
No Attorney-Client relationship shall be entered into with Jonathan Frost without a written Attorney-Client Engagement Agreement, which must be signed by both parties.  Accordingly, accessing the Website does not create an Attorney-Client relationship, nor does submitting a consultation form, communicating by email, speaking on the phone, or even meeting in person with Jonathan Frost.


No website is entirely secure, so please be cautious information provided through the contact form or email. Do not assume confidentiality exists in anything you send through this website or email, until an Attorney-Client relationship is formed through completion of a written Attorney-Client Engagement Agreement, signed by both parties.


Ethical Rules
These rules are intended to be written in compliance with the California Rules of Professional Conduct and should be interpreted consistently therewith.

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© Copyright 2019 by Jonathan Frost

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