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3 Steps to Trademark Registration

1. Select the Mark

A mark reflects a business's ideals and create a positive impression in the mind of their customers, but it will not help at all if that mark is confusingly similar to another company. The idea behind creating a trademark is to brand a company - to set it apart from competitors. If a selection is too similar to another, then it will be rejected.

2. Trademark Clearance

A business cannot register a mark that is already already being used or is confusingly similar to one that is already being used. This requires searching trademark databases, internet searches, and local directories, and checking all the various spelling and forms the mark can take. If two marks can be read the same way, then they are confusingly similar, X-Seed and Exceed, for example.

3. Trademark Registration

Trademarks are registered on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website at Initial submission of a trademark registration requires the registrant to provide an example of the mark in use, the category of Goods or Services, and the name and contact information of the registrant.

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