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Trademarks Registration and Enforcement

Trademark is the first step in becoming an individual since it is the unique brand that identifies a business. It is important to choose a mark that is distinctive and easy to protect. Registering the trademark for that mark protects your company from companies copying the mark, or registering domain names in bad faith that are confusingly similar to your mark.

One type of trademark enforcement is Domain Name Recovery through arbitration procedures set forth by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The Strengths of Trademarks

Know how much protection your company name holds by reading more about the different levels of Trademarks.


Brand Protection

Once a Brand is invested in, it is important to protect it from infringement. Policing your trademark can be tedious and time consuming, and often includes: 

  • Scanning the internet for infringing content

  • Writing cease and desist letters to bad actors, 

  • Submitting DMCA notices to hosting companies and content hosting platforms

  • Filing UDRP complaints to recover a domain name, 

  • Litigating federal counterfeiting complaints for trademark infringement

  • Litigating state and federal lawsuits for trademark or copyright infringement

At Frost Legal, we stand ready to assist you in policing your valuable brand to protect it from unfair competition by bad actors  on the internet.


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