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Incorporation & Formation

Failing to properly incorporate or organize a business can result in the loss of the corporate veil for the investors. Some of the factors that can bear on the loss of corporate protections are mixing personal and business assets, failure to properly file incorporation documents, failure to properly capitalize the company, or failure to issue stock.


Having adequate legal counsel is an important step in meeting the requirements of incorporation, such as formation filing, director appointment, execution of the articles of incorporation and bylaws, issuance of stock, and proper holding of corporate meetings.


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Equity Financing

Equity Financing is the issuance of a company’s stock, or the right to buy the company’s stock, in exchange for cash or other property.  Some examples of equity financing are issuance of common stock, preferred stock, convertible notes, SAFEs, Stock Warrants, Stock Options, and Restrict Stock Units.  Entrepreneurs often prefer to issue stock rather than borrowing money, because it allows the Entrepreneur to allocate some of the risk of failure on the investor, while offering the investor the opportunity to realize profit on the growth of the business. Decide what type of stock is best for you to issue.

1202 Stock Tax Exception Checklist

Many small businesses are missing out on huge tax exemptions when issuing their stock either because they issue it 'the easiest way' or they merely are unaware.

Download our 1202 Checklist for more information.


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